The Areas of Hilton Head Island

An Introduction

Often, when I meet with new clients, they have been vacationing on Hilton Head Island for many years. Some of them are even the second or third generation to return to the Low Country, year after year, to enjoy everything that this lovely island has to offer. I am consistently amazed that, although they have spent many vacation weeks here, most of them have little knowledge of what hides behind the gates of the island’s plantations. When these folks begin their real estate search, they are naturally interested in the area that is most familiar to them. However, when I take them into other plantations and explain the differences to them, 8 times out of 10, they end up buying in one of the neighborhoods that was previously not even on their radar. I’ll cover the most important characteristics of these communities for you. Keep in mind that other differences and similarities exist. But, they do not generally contribute to the definition of the community as a whole.

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