Today's real estate transaction is more complicated than ever. In order to navigate the process successfully, you need a team of professional experts. THAT hinges on the agent you choose to lead the team. 

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Kim France

Buying or selling real estate is a BIG DEAL to almost everyone who does it. I approach this job through the eyes of my client. I understand that decisions that are made during the transaction process can change the course of a family's life. I wake up thinking about that every day. If I can anticipate potential bumps in the road, if I can go the extra mile, if I can deliver even more than I promise, I will be an indispensable asset to my client. I don't want to be a great Realtor. I want to be the BEST REALTOR YOU'VE EVER HAD. I am proud to say that I accomplish this goal over and over with a long list of happy clients. In a small real estate market area with over 1500 licensed agents, I have been honored by 32BEST.COM and the readers of Hilton Head Monthly Magazine as a stand out professional. The day I can not give 110% to every client is the day I will retire! Thanks to all of the wonderful clients I've met along the way who inevitably have become friends!


When your inspection report shows a need for home repairs, the search is on for an honest, reliable, and competent contractor. I will save you the frantic scramble to find one!  Whether the repair requires a licensed plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, roofer or carpenter, I will call upon the best local practitioners for the job. We will get estimates, schedule repairs and coordinate access to the property.

Home Inspectors

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the home inspector that is used is critical to your peace of mind. I have meticulously selected a handful of local home inspectors who meet our standards of excellence. I have a close working relationship with them and I will coordinate the inspection process so that you don't have to.


South Carolina law requires that all parties to a real estate transaction have legal representation.  Some kinds of transactions require an attorney with a  specific skill set. I have a list of local attorneys who are the best in their field. I will assist you in identifying the perfect attorney to handle your transaction.

Lenders & Mortgage Bankers

Sometimes, getting your dream home depends on securing a lender who can craft a mortgage package that allows you access to the necessary funds. I have a relationship with all of the best local lenders in the business. I will assist you with finding a lender who meets your specific needs so that you can make your dream home a reality.